Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hi Denise!
I just wanted to say I'm so sad to hear you are going out of business!! I know how much love and dedication you've put into raising these magnificent dogs, and I know that this has got to be a very difficult decision for you.  Big has been such a source of joy to us (and everyone that knows him!) from day one!!!  THANK YOU for sharing your passion, your knowledge,  your invaluable insight….and certainly for maintaining such a superior level of integrity to the breed.  I'm sure it shows in every beautiful puppy that has come from Simon Says Danes….Clearly, you can see that in these pictures of BIG!!!!!  He is a very happy and well socialized dog…and a TREASURED member of our family.
Best of luck to you….I will stay in touch!  ~Barby

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Bentley opening a Christmas gift. 

Bentley has decided that mom's pillow was the best spot for a nap.

Bentley update... We started puppy school this month and he loves it. Everyone at the store and class adore him. He is very much loving all the attention.
For Christmas he got a new larger crate, bed, and a custom made elevated food and water bowl that is perfect Great Dane size. Of course he got a few large bones and treats too. Thank you for your Christmas card and we hope you enjoyed your Christmas with your family.
Wishing you many blessings for the new year.

Yaimy and family

Wednesday, November 14, 2012



Here is Angel in our back yard.....She will be 1 year old November 3rd.

I love her...She goes in my car every where....even to my barber shop on Sunday morning.

We walk every morning.....40 to 45 minutes....We used to walk in our subdivision...then they were resufacing our streets....

So we drive over to the Old School forest preserve....6:30 every morning....we walk...she runs....stays right with me....never a leash

She is the best dog we have ever had....growing up  145 lbs 3 weeks ago...vet says she will get to 160...

Hope you and all your family  are doing well.....

Happy holidays...You are always welcome to come see her and I'll buy you a drink!!!!!!!

All the best.


Full Bed!

I guess this means I get the couch tonight! I knew I shoulda went to bed first. 
Faith, Macey and Pacer hog the bed.

Lucy's First Birthday

Kenzie and Jager

Hi Denise,

I just wanted to send you a couple photos from the dog park we took yesterday of Kinzie and Jager.   She is such a wonderful sweet girl.   I love that John got her mid shake, I cannot stop laughing at her face.  




 Stella was a "bad dog" for Halloween. 

Pure sweetness......Monday she weighed in at 55 lbs!  She's doing great and was a breeze to house break......we just love her!


4 months old.

"We recently went to the vet and he is weighing in around 73lbs this week. He's got a nice big back yard to run around in and he's a happy puppy. He has learned to deal with bath time (YAY!)...he just sits there and lets you bathe him, so long as you are standing in the tub with him. Side note- he doesn't like pillows, rather the stuffing in them. :) "  - Barney's Family

Sunday, October 21, 2012


 Apparently, this is Barney's favorite way to sleep.

(Litter H)